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chris_vrenna's Journal

the attraction to all things uncertain
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Please note: this is an unofficial Chris Vrenna/tweaker community.

A Grammy winning artist and founding member of NINE INCH NAILS, Vrenna’s distinctive styles are featured on CDs including Downward Spiral, Broken, Pretty Hate Machine and Fixed as well as his work as co-writer/artist on the Grammy nominated “Perfect Drug” for the Lost Highway soundtrack.

Vrenna’s collaborative efforts are found on SMASHING PUMPKINS’ Grammy winning “The End is the Beginning is the End”, MARILYN MANSON’s Antichrist Superstar and Portrait of an American Family CDs, HOLE’s Celebrity Skin CD, THE WALLFLOWERS “Letters From the Wasteland” and GREEN DAY’s “Brain Stew” for the Godzilla soundtrack.

Vrenna contributed additional production and remixed U2’s hugely successful “Elevation Remix” for the Tomb Raider soundtrack, NELLY FURTADO’s “Turn Off the Light”, WEEZER’s “Hash Pipe”, P.O.D.’s “The Messenjah”, ROB ZOMBIE’s “Demon Speedway”, XZIBIT “X” featuring SNOOP DOGG, P.O.D. “Set It Off” for the Scorpion King as well as DROWNING POOL “Bodies” and GAVIN ROSSDALE (of BUSH) song “Adrenalin” for the XXX soundtrack. He has most recently contributed additional production and remixed part of the score to the new movie Cradle 2 The Grave starring JET LI and DMX.

He produced COLD’s 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage CD (recently certified Gold) including the singles “Just Got Wicked” and “No One”. Vrenna recently produced CDs for A.I. (DreamWorks) and RED DELICIOUS (Extasy / Warner Bros). He is also co-producing the upcoming MANDY KANE CD (Warner Bros). He has produced CDs for artists including RASPUTINA, UNDERWATER and JACK OFF JILL amongst others.

Vrenna has composed music for movies including Rollerball, She’s All That and AKA Birdseye as well as video games including American McGee’s Alice, Sonic The Hedgehog, Matrix II, Area 51 and Pure Ride.

Vrenna has also remixed DAVID BOWIE, SKINNY PUPPY, LIVE, ADEMA, THE CALLING, VAST, METHODS OF MAYHEM, GOD LIVES UNDERWATER, PJ OLSSON, LORDS OF ACID and ROB ZOMBIE’s “Return of the Phantom Stranger” for the American Made Music To Strip By CD.

Please check out www.tweaker.net for more info